No Limits!!!!

Since I am getting older, at a faster right than I figured, I wanted to make myself a bucket list of things I want to do before 30. That gives me a few years. According to my little sister, I am closer to 30 than I think. Considering I am still in the early 20s phase of life, the quarter life crisis has yet to hit, head on. But I tell ya, it is approaching quicker than I intended...So here goes this list. I won't cheat by adding things I have already done in my 20s. I have lived an extremely full life already so I will challenge myself to go further! This is in no particular order.
30 before 30
1. Visit the Grand Canyon
2. Visit Niagara Falls
3. Learn to garden
4. Go to Mardi Gras
5. Learn to swim
6. Learn to crochet
7. Visit the Dominican Republic
8. Train/Run a marathon
9. Get my masters
10. Start on a Ph.D
11. Get a new car
12. Buy a house
13. Start a business
14. Learn to play an instrument
15. Get married
16. Have at least one child
17. Become a business owner
18. Teach a course
19. Visit Greece
20. Visit several African countries
21. Write my first book
22. Plan a Women's conference
23. Go back to Las Vegas
24. Go on a Girl-cation
25. Read 100 black authored pieces of literature a year
26. Learn another language
27. Spend 100 hours a year volunteering
28. Become a Macbook-owner
29. Send my family on a vacation
30. Participate in a state-wide pageant

As I typed this list, it is ridiculously looong! But I can do it. I have over half a decade! Let's get to work!