Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lessons in Life: Finding Joy in What You Already Have

So this post is a continuation of my last "Lesson in Life: Giving to Receive." Now, let me say for the record that no, I am not perfect and I don't claim to be. These are just a few things that I have been through and witnessed and felt compelled to write about. Ok now if you haven't read the last post, it had a few questions up there that are relevant to what I am about to say so I would suggest you go back and read that one. If you have the time. I will try to keep this one a little shorter.

This post is going to address question 2: What type of words would you use to describe your place in life? Are you grateful for your job right now? Do you thank God for waking you up? Are you grateful that your account has sufficient funds? These things, though taken for granted are the things that God placed in your life and you can best believe He wants to see you grateful for these things before He will bless you with more. If you are constantly complaining about your kids, your bills, your car, you can't expect more. It's just not going to happen. The words we speak have the power of life and death. We use so many words in a day and sometimes, I don't think we are cognizant of every thing that comes out of our mouth. The positivity or negativity  that we speak from out mouths can change the course of our lives. If we constantly speak about the good in our lives, speak words of gratefulness, so will we become.  If we walk around crying broke all the time, so will we become.  But you know this!

So what to do about this? I'm glad you asked! Moving forward, just watch what you say. If you want to see changes in your life, it starts with you. It starts with you accepting and being appreciative of what you have. You have to speak good over your life. You can't allow people to speak negative over you either. And if they do, you rebuke that immediately. And guard yourself daily by saying a prayer to God to shield you from other people's negative energy and negative words. If those are the people who surround you and you truly want things to change in your life? Well, you just might need to examine their worth in your life. You are trying to be elevated but you have baggage that holds you down...You can't get far with baggage. Negativity is baggage! Let it go!

...Stay Tuned...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lessons in Life: Giving To Recieve

I have always been a giver. In elementary school I would always be the one with no pencils to write with because I always let someone borrow them. Being the second oldest sibling, giving became second nature considering the fact that I have two younger sisters. Now, as much as I give, I never have had a problem with going without things that I NEED. My wants, well, I like to have a lot of things, shoes, clothes, jewelry, all the things a girl wants. But when it has come down to what I needed, I was never left without. Now what I am about to get into isn't as cute as what I just wrote. If you are a stingy or selfish person, you might now like what I have to say. But I'm going to say it anyway...

This weekend I had an interesting and thought provoking experience. These verses became so relevant in my life. So enlightening! So if you would, turn with me to 2 Corinthians 9:7 which says, "Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver." I hear a lot of people complaining to be broke all the time. And well, if you want to stay that way, just remember that your words have the power of life and death. You want wealth, speak it into your life. You want stability, speak it into your life. That is the only way these things come...But before you get to speaking start with the home team and let's do some examinations...Ready?
1. You want more but do you fully appreciate what you have right now?
2. What type of words would you use to describe your place in life? If they aren't words of gratefulness, they aren't enough.
3. How do you pay it forward? Do you pay your tithes? Do you give to the homeless? Do you volunteer your time? 
4. Do you give cheerfully? Or do you give because you think it is the right thing to do? 
5. When God speaks to you, do you take heed to His directions?
6. Do you put your trust in man or do you put your trust in God?

Now, as you answer these questions, write them down. If any of these aren't pleasing to you or aren't pleasing to God, your next step is to work on those things to make them right. The first and last questions, I think, are the most important. Why? I'm glad you asked... God has a plan for your life. Everything that happens to you is a blessing. Nothing that God does for you is a curse. With that being said, if you are in a place in your life where you have what you NEED, and you can't be grateful, how do you expect God to elevate you and you can't be appreciative of what you have right now? You think He is going to keep giving to you and you don't thank Him with a cheerful heart? Try again... If you have things in your life that God has given you and you don't want to take care of those things, you think He will give you anything else to just let sit there? It's just not going to happen. When God gives us things whether it is a house, a car, or a child, these things are given to us as blessings and expected to be taken care of. We don't take care of them, we don't get to the next level. So, maintain what you have right now. Focus on what you have in front of you and be grateful and then you will see God start to shift things around in your life!

This is about to be a series of posts because this topic is way too long. Don't just wait for me to keep talking, comment and let me know what you think. 

...Stay Tuned...

Until next time! 

Later Phenomenal Ladies!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Hump Day

I am up early this morning. Of course, watching TV and relaxing. A Jenny Craig commercial came on and one of the actresses said "How can you love someone you don't even know?" She was talking about herself and how she struggled with her weight. Part of her struggle was not recognizing herself in a body she was unhappy with. Of course that got my mind rolling like "that is a good point right there! I'm going to write a post with a twist about it." So here I am...Ready. Set. Go

How many days out of the year do we wake up feeling bad about something? It can be about the day before, a relationship, our self image, our self esteem, a whole host of things. But one day is one too many. Why? Well, I'm glad you asked. I don't know about you but I am my worst, harshest critic. When I say I am harsh, what I mean is, if I were my coach, I'd quit my team. But, I know this about myself now and I have been able to come up with new ways to handle disappointments in life. I had to, otherwise, I'd be plum crazy by 25. So how do I know this? There was a point in time when I was forced to have a self-reflection, come to Jesus time. In that time, I was able to pinpoint some things about myself that I love, things I like, and things I wanted to change. My change list was greater than everything else. Why? Because we always want to be something that we are not. And that is not always a bad thing, it just causes us to focus on the wrong thing at the wrong time. When we don't focus on what we have in front of us, how do we maintain it? It is great to think about the future and prepare for it but to not spend time maintaining what we have, we could be losing it all and not even know it!

Alright so the point...We all go through phases where we are not happy with ourselves. We don't feel the love that we should for ourselves and just to be clear, we need to love ourselves EVERYDAY! How do we do that when we don't spend time getting to know who we are...in the context of just being you. We surround ourselves with things that distract us, well I speak for myself. We don't give ourselves the time we need to learn and love who we are despite the things we are unhappy with. Now I am not saying don't change those things but I am saying, if there are things you are unhappy with in your life, you are the only one who can change it. Trust me, it is hard work but for the good of you, it is worth it. I saw a quote that said "If you don't like your story, change it." Don't let the things you don't like in your life keep you where you are! You have the power and talent to change the situation you are in. It is so worth the time and effort spent in getting to know yourself and LOVE yourself so that you can be the best you can all the time. It isn't easy. If it was, everybody would have this thing down packed and I wouldn't have a need to write this blog post! 

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Have a great Hump day

Friday, April 06, 2012

He's Been Good!

Good Friday to everyone! I mean, Happy Good Friday and I am glad to be here to experience it! I just wanted to write a quick update on my life and encourage those of you with my story! Now, I have not sugar-coated at all, the fact that I CANNOT stand either one of my jobs. I am grateful to have employment but I was becoming disenchanted with both of them. I had lunch with my old roommate and best friend and she explained to me that the reason I was feeling that way was because it was not what I was SUPPOSED to be doing...So all last week I went along but I couldn't help but think, what if I just stepped out on faith and quit both jobs? Well, one for sure. God had told me to stay put at the other. So I did. On Tuesday, on the way from work, I called my sweetie and asked him how he felt if I quit one of my jobs. He has this belief that we should wait until something else comes along before jumping the gun. So I did. Left it at that!

Wednesday afternoon, on our way to his doctor's appointment, I get a phone call from one of my older friends who has a daughter. She said she had a summer opportunity for me and that she wanted to pitch an idea. So I listened. She said she wanted her little lady to have some summer enrichment before going into the kindergarten. My role would be as a "home school teacher" of sorts, for the summer. Just so she could have some structure and learn some basic skills before going to a public elementary school. I agreed. She said there was another parent who wanted to add her child. Of course I said yes! So from that conversation, I became the owner of my first business! (Cross of on the 30 before 30 list!)

So as of April 30, I am resigning from both of my jobs and I can't say that I am sad. I am elated to be my own boss, even if it is just for a short period of time. An entrepreneur...That's me! Now I just need a name and a brand!

The lesson in this, be patient and let God work. I had no idea that my friend was cooking all of this up and who knows what would have happened had I left those jobs before my time! He has a plan and we just have to trust that no matter what, He will do what is best for us. He reminds us of that promise over and over again. Read Jeremiah 29:11 if you ever feel like He doesn't hear you. He does! He is just lining it all up for you!

Happy Easter and God Bless!