Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Hump Day

I am up early this morning. Of course, watching TV and relaxing. A Jenny Craig commercial came on and one of the actresses said "How can you love someone you don't even know?" She was talking about herself and how she struggled with her weight. Part of her struggle was not recognizing herself in a body she was unhappy with. Of course that got my mind rolling like "that is a good point right there! I'm going to write a post with a twist about it." So here I am...Ready. Set. Go

How many days out of the year do we wake up feeling bad about something? It can be about the day before, a relationship, our self image, our self esteem, a whole host of things. But one day is one too many. Why? Well, I'm glad you asked. I don't know about you but I am my worst, harshest critic. When I say I am harsh, what I mean is, if I were my coach, I'd quit my team. But, I know this about myself now and I have been able to come up with new ways to handle disappointments in life. I had to, otherwise, I'd be plum crazy by 25. So how do I know this? There was a point in time when I was forced to have a self-reflection, come to Jesus time. In that time, I was able to pinpoint some things about myself that I love, things I like, and things I wanted to change. My change list was greater than everything else. Why? Because we always want to be something that we are not. And that is not always a bad thing, it just causes us to focus on the wrong thing at the wrong time. When we don't focus on what we have in front of us, how do we maintain it? It is great to think about the future and prepare for it but to not spend time maintaining what we have, we could be losing it all and not even know it!

Alright so the point...We all go through phases where we are not happy with ourselves. We don't feel the love that we should for ourselves and just to be clear, we need to love ourselves EVERYDAY! How do we do that when we don't spend time getting to know who we the context of just being you. We surround ourselves with things that distract us, well I speak for myself. We don't give ourselves the time we need to learn and love who we are despite the things we are unhappy with. Now I am not saying don't change those things but I am saying, if there are things you are unhappy with in your life, you are the only one who can change it. Trust me, it is hard work but for the good of you, it is worth it. I saw a quote that said "If you don't like your story, change it." Don't let the things you don't like in your life keep you where you are! You have the power and talent to change the situation you are in. It is so worth the time and effort spent in getting to know yourself and LOVE yourself so that you can be the best you can all the time. It isn't easy. If it was, everybody would have this thing down packed and I wouldn't have a need to write this blog post! 

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Have a great Hump day


  1. The quote above is so true!! Self love is everything!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving some sweet comments. I am now following you too.

    This is so true by the way, life is way too short to waste it on regrets.


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