Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lessons in Life: Finding Joy in What You Already Have

So this post is a continuation of my last "Lesson in Life: Giving to Receive." Now, let me say for the record that no, I am not perfect and I don't claim to be. These are just a few things that I have been through and witnessed and felt compelled to write about. Ok now if you haven't read the last post, it had a few questions up there that are relevant to what I am about to say so I would suggest you go back and read that one. If you have the time. I will try to keep this one a little shorter.

This post is going to address question 2: What type of words would you use to describe your place in life? Are you grateful for your job right now? Do you thank God for waking you up? Are you grateful that your account has sufficient funds? These things, though taken for granted are the things that God placed in your life and you can best believe He wants to see you grateful for these things before He will bless you with more. If you are constantly complaining about your kids, your bills, your car, you can't expect more. It's just not going to happen. The words we speak have the power of life and death. We use so many words in a day and sometimes, I don't think we are cognizant of every thing that comes out of our mouth. The positivity or negativity  that we speak from out mouths can change the course of our lives. If we constantly speak about the good in our lives, speak words of gratefulness, so will we become.  If we walk around crying broke all the time, so will we become.  But you know this!

So what to do about this? I'm glad you asked! Moving forward, just watch what you say. If you want to see changes in your life, it starts with you. It starts with you accepting and being appreciative of what you have. You have to speak good over your life. You can't allow people to speak negative over you either. And if they do, you rebuke that immediately. And guard yourself daily by saying a prayer to God to shield you from other people's negative energy and negative words. If those are the people who surround you and you truly want things to change in your life? Well, you just might need to examine their worth in your life. You are trying to be elevated but you have baggage that holds you down...You can't get far with baggage. Negativity is baggage! Let it go!

...Stay Tuned...


  1. Well, firstly the title of your post stopped me cold and I read your post. Thank you for the encouragement.

    Lisa x

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Stay Tuned...

  3. Hey hun, hope you are well. Pls visit my blog. YOU HAVE BEEN TAGGED. YAY.

    1. Hey! I will respond. I am on my way out of town so it will be tomorrow at the earliest!


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