Monday, June 11, 2012

Something Fun!

Good Morning and Happy Monday to Everyone! I wanted to take a few minutes to do something fun since my last few posts have been on the serious tip. So this is a team effort. It's not going to be fun if I am the only one who participates!

So I ave a few questions for you all. I will answer them myself but I want some responses from you! It is the summer and all!!!!

1. So right now I am _______________.
-Sitting here eating some spinach dip and enjoying a Redbox (New Year's Eve)
2. This summer, my most exciting plans include __________________.
-Going to DC for a week with my sweetheart's family. He is there for the summer and we are going to visit during the first week of July!
3. Out of all the delicious foods that you have at summer cookouts, what is the one thing that will upset you if it is missing from the table?
-Hmmmm, this is a hard one...hotdogs with that good ole summer chili
4. Do you have a twitter? If so, list your twittername so I can follow you!
5. What is something you were expecting for the year? It is six months in so what is the status of that?
-To get to stability-its getting there...It is a process

So get to answering these questions and follow me on twitter...I am slowly getting back in social networking!

Have a marvelous Monday and be blessed my friends~

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