Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lessons in Life: When is the Last Time You Paid it Forward?

I am moving super slow with this series of posts but we will get through this, TOGETHER! So in this series we are examining a few things about ourselves and our lives. The last two posts can be found on my in the post before last! Ok the question for this post is question number 3, How do you pay it forward? And here we go!

In order to get you have to give. It is the circle of life. So if you are expecting, make a difference in someone's life with a simple smile or with your time or simply giving a homeless person a meal or little pocket change. Try doing this at least once a day. If you just take 5 seconds to show you care about someone other than yourself, you will find that things will start to shift in your life.

So, what does paying it forward actually mean? From what I can gather, it is simply the act of a deed being repaid in return of having someone do a good deed for you. (You get me?). So it is simply doing a good deed in lieu of offering something else. So how does it apply?

I can say for myself that I am blessed. I know a lot of you can say the same. So with all of the blessing that gets done for you, how do you go about repaying God for all that He does for you? Do you volunteer? Offer you talents? Counsel? Pay your tithes? etc...These are just a few things that can be seen as "paying it forward" and thus increasing your happiness and the happiness of those around you. I don't know how often you volunteer your time or do something nice for someone in need but I know that when I do it, it makes me feel like I am being useful.  Not to mention, if you pay it forward, and the person you do something for pays it  forward, it will be a cycle that can help many people...and to know that it started with YOU!

As you go throughout your day, be a blessing to someone else and you will start to see blessings abundantly. I can't promise you will get something every single time but I do know that you will see a shift in your life...and remember to smile. You can't expect simple blessings if you go through your days with a mean mug. Plus, smiling helps you push past the pain of whatever is going on and helps you feel good on the inside. I promise it won't hurt :)

So today, make it your business to be a blessing to someone else!
Enjoy your Thursday!

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  1. What a great series...I will be paying forward today!


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