Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I have a confession: I am the busiest of busy bodies and I need help. I enjoy being on the go, I really do but I also like to relax. My problem is, I cannot seem to find a balance between on the go all the time, and adequate time to relax. What is my problem??!!

I am currently on break from school and I find myself having a daily spat with the decision: to sleep or not to sleep. Now on the regular, while school is in, I might get 5-7 hours of sleep a night. That is fine with me. Most days, I am able to just keep going and going as long as I have some energy in the form of breakfast. Now that I am on the break, there is so much sleep that I could be getting but I find myself FINDING something to get into. Planning for the next semester, researching for my non-profit, running errands for someone, and of course, hanging with my beloved friends! Today I decided to wake up and just take a day for myself and do nothing but indulge on TV and snack foods. That has lasted all of two hours. Now I have ants in my pants and need to get out to do something. Seriously? I will continue to TRY to relax with getting out of the house!

Well, I just saw that "The Game" is on sooooo I guess I know what I will do for the rest of the day...Got my fix!


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