Wednesday, October 26, 2011

True Happiness: Where does it really come from?

Recently, I have embarked upon an unfamiliar stage in my life. Usually, I am very sure where I am going. When I was in high school, I knew I was going to college. When I got to college, I knew that each semester I would be in school, doing work, taking exams, and learning. Now, I don't know where that next step is. Since school is over, I have no idea what is next...And to be honest, I am perfectly fine with that. Even though I am chartering unfamiliar territory, I am reminded by my boyfriend that I need to find happiness within this situation because otherwise, I am just going through hell and being miserable. Life has a way of being unfamiliar, especially when you are pushing through to the next level. I've been unhappy, I have to admit. But I had to make up in my mind that I, YMG, have to find happiness in my situation. So I have been doing little things to keep my sanity and happiness as each day goes by. I recently started a Gratitude Journal. I decided to do this as a result of seeing a fellow blogger discuss it on her page. So each day, I've been writing down thoughts and feelings, things that I am grateful for, and things I hope to accomplish in the next few years. I also recently subscribed to a Youtuber by the name of BronzeGoddess1

This woman of God has so much to say about life and gives a lot of useful advice. She posted a video the other day titled "Write it Down, Make it Happen." Click Here to Check Her Out
This video basically talked about a lady who wrote a book about speaking your blessings into existence. So this too, I've taken upon myself to do. Each day, I have written out things that I want to do, long term and short term goals I want to accomplish. This is a fairly new thing but I have to say, it is keeping me motivated and focused on sometime of goal, as opposed to waiting for something to happen. So with all of this, I've turned my happiness into something that starts from the inside and works its way out, as opposed to trying to make it infuse inside of me. This is how it starts. Searching from the outside, trying to make yourself happy will only result in feelings of inadequacy. I charge myself and all of you to find happiness on the inside and let it work its way out. Looking to others and other things will only make you feel as if someone/thing else has to validate your happiness. Don't wait for anything else to give it to you, because it will be easy for them to take it back...Find that happiness within, that way, it will be permanent and no one can take it from you.

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