Saturday, October 29, 2011

Help Needed!!!!!

So I went through a 10 month transition. Cut my hair, fell in love with my curls...That was two months ago. I think my honey moon phase is over and I may have to start putting in some real work to figure out my hair. 2 months ago, wash n go's were perfectly fine...but uhm somehow the weather went from the 70s to the darn 50s and I don't know how I feel about that. I have really tried to keep my hair from harm but now, I am not sure what to do with this cold cold weather sneaking upon us. So, I ask all of you this, what do you do during the winter months to protect your hair? Some things I know I won't do include wigs, weaves, and braids. No offense but I'd rather work with my hair and learn my hair now so that I can continue to get to know what to do the this time next year. I have super, tightly coiled, fine hair. Suggestions on how to keep it protected during the cold cold winter months???? I'd greatly appreciate some feedback!

Lost Newly Natural


  1. i have decided that i will only leave my hair out twice in the week. every other time it will be in twists or braids. when i say braids, i mean braiding my own hair in braids. i haven't really done twists yet because i still have relaxed ends but once i am completely relaxed hair free, i intend to do twists often.

  2. Hey Faith, by the way, I love your blog!

    I did twists on my hair when I was transitioning and as you probably know, it was a hassle because the relaxed ends are pretty straggly (if that is even a word!)

    One way I got them to curl was to bantu knot them at the end. It was hit or miss.

    How do you braid your hair? Like cornrows or mini braids, box braids? Do you style your braids? I have tried but for one I don't have patience and then I get scared that I am doing too much manipulation! I am a natural hair hypochondriac!


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