Thursday, November 03, 2011

Preparation meets God

Today, I was having a conversation with my cousin about marriage. The lesson of the conversation applied to so many parts of my life that I took it in a whole new direction. Basically, we discussed that marriage required being in a state of readiness. A state of readiness requires going through some things to gain knowledge, experience, and wisdom to be ready to accept what God has planned for you, whether you are ready for it or not. Being in a state of readiness will prevent us from making decisions that we will regret later on as well as prevent us from RUSHING into something that God has not prepared us for yet. With that being said, don't ever doubt the hand you've been dealt because you never know what cards you possess to put yourself in a winning position. God has a way of giving us all a way out of any troubles we face. But that way out also requires us to learn to fight and fend for ourselves and for us to learn some lessons that will prepare us to recognize when a blessing season is upon us.

So in a season of preparation (also known as trials and tribulations) keep your faith high and your eye on Christ because He will never take you through unnecessary lessons. The enemy will do everything he can to break you during your time of preparation because we are often weak in the spirit but trust, if you remain faithful and steadfast in your faith, God will bring you through. Don't let the enemy tempt you from doing what is right when you feel that everything is going wrong. Don't let the enemy try to tell you that you are doing something wrong when you are following God's word and doing what you know is right! Show the enemy that no matter what, you are not fazed by tactics to distract your attention from Your God. Convinced yourself and the enemy that the hand you have is powerful enough to keep you winning and even fool the enemy into thinking that the power and faith you have is so great that no matter what he does, you refuse to budge on your faithfulness. To that end, play your hand to the best of your ability and show the enemy that you can't be swayed in your faith. God takes us through tests of faith so that we show Him that we are truly faithful no matter what...How do I know?

If God hasn't blessed you with that job, that house, that car, that child or whatever you may be waiting on know that HE IS STILL PREPARING YOU for whatever it is. He does not want you to have it right now because He is prepping you for something better than what YOU THINK you should have. Stop shorting your blessings because of what YOU THINK you should have and let God give you what He has planned for you. It will be worth the fight...

So, be encouraged. Continue to be strong until your season of blessings come, because you never know when God is about to bless you with a breakthrough.

Further Reading: Genesis 16:1-16
Until next time,
Stay Prayed up...Keep Dreaming and Keep Believing. God has a blessing in store for you.

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