Monday, November 14, 2011

Ugh, Oh no she didn't!

OHHHHH, but she really did. My mom...put...a...I can't even say it...I think I am going to cry, for real...Because I told my nieces that if need be I would drive home every two weeks to make sure their hair was done...She...she put...she put a relaxer in HER SIX YEAR OLD HAIR!! Ugh, I am mad. I wanted my nieces, the three of them, to grow up and love their natural hair. And feel proud of their mane like we had to work EXTRA hard to learn as adults. She has beautiful hair. It has all been retained since she's had it and now, a freaking relaxer. Six years old...#ican't

Ok. This may seem a little dramatic to you. But I am serious with every bone in my body. I am saddened because we have a family full of girls. Myself and sisters are newly natural and wanted to be examples to our nieces that we were more than just our hair... Part of me feels like my mom felt the need to, I don't know, tell someone that their hair was too nappy and that a relaxer was necessary....LYES, LIES, LYES!!!! I am livid! Why is it necessary to put a relaxer in a six year old's hair? Can someone answer that question? All they had to do was keep her hair braided and it would have been fine. YES, it took me an hour and a half to detangle her and her 10 year old sister's hair, but guess what, Lord knows I would do it again to prevent her from feeling like her natural hair is not beautiful. I would do it so her older sister would not feel like she would need a relaxer too because of her sister's chemically straight hair...Six years old is just too young for a child to have those harsh chemicals in their hair, kiddy relaxers count too. I wouldn't be so upset if I myself were still getting relaxers but my natural journey has shown me that I relied to much on my chemically, burnt up, broke up, crispity-crunchity, stagnant relaxed hair as I grew up...And that's nothing I would wish on any child...As she grows into a young lady, I hope she learns that her hair is not what makes her beautiful...I hope all of my 5 nieces learn that. Because as black females, we are often told that if our hair is nappy, we are not desired. I wanted to show them differently. I was hoping to show my mom differently...But I guess I lost that battle...Mom 1...Yo-0

A very hurt auntie

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