Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Adventures of Yoga and Me-Healthy Living

My email address is is a combination of my first and last name, "yoga," and it never fails that every time that I give out my email I always get the question "Do you do yoga?" "Do you teach yoga?" The answer is always no...

So I am on this new holistic approach to life, less stress, more healthy eating, working out, finding peace, less stress...Wait I said that already. But you can never be too rid of stress...So anyways, For the last month I have been saying I was going to start working out. I have always been a petite girl so working out has never been a requirement to keep my slim and trim figure...Well, people have been telling me that I looked like I was gaining weight...So what did I do? Get on the dang on scale...Silly me...And what did I see? 10 pounds of weight gain. Now, for most that wouldn't be something of significance but ummm going from 120-something to 130-something is a little more than what I planned for at this age so I decided to do something about it... I like my new body but I do not want to find myself at an uncomfortable weight a year from now and knowing I could have done something about it. Here I am, tonight!

So I went to the handy dandy P90x. I decided that I would do the Yoga portion because I want to again, take a holistic approach to this new lifestyle I am trying to accomplish. I also love the thought of yoga. The thought of it brings peace so I can only imagine what it will do for me from actually doing it...The video is 1 hour and 32 minutes...I got through 33 minutes. One third of the video. Now, I hope that I build up to doing the whole 1 hour and 32 minutes but I had to start off small, baby steps. I fully intend to keep up with it. I really don't have a choice if I want to be healthy. I enjoyed the portion that I did do. It left me sweating and feeling like a new woman!
Here are some things I hope to gain from doing Yoga, every night at least 4 times a week...
1. To have something that challenges me to reach a greater limit of physical fitness
2. To have something that requires me to have a clear mind for at least 30 minutes out of the day
3. To force myself into a healthy lifestyle, eating right, drinking water, etc
-To establish good health today at 22 (almost 23, better late than never) rather than wait until 42!
4. To embrace the inner peace that I KNOW exists!
5. To establish an active lifestyle...I spend way too much time in front of the TV and my laptop...

So in conclusion, P90x is about to kick my butt, but it is something I am looking forward to...Now my peace has been disturbed with rap music ( someLittle Wayne Mixtape???)...The SO is back!

I hope this inspires someone out there to get on their healthy! I will continue blogging with my progress on this new lifestyle!

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