Friday, November 18, 2011

Memories-The Beginning of Something Great!

On this day last year, I was talking to some of my girlfriends at work. One of them had just big chopped and I was so enamored with her hair. She had convinced another friend to go natural and she decided that she had had enough of relaxers, her last one was Sept 2010. This was right after Homecoming 2010 so I had just gotten a fresh relaxer about two weeks before, a decision I came to regret. So as we sat there and talked, came up in the conversation. My girls were just in awe because there was so much information on the site. But the at this time last year, she had just given birth a few months earlier so the main purpose for visiting her site was to see her cute little baby girl. After we had gotten enough of seeing pictures of the baby, we got into the conversation of going natural and the whys, why nots, pros etc. As I sat there and listened to them and lusted over my friend's new hair, I was decided "hey why not try it again." I say again because earlier last year, I went for about 5 months without a relaxer but broke down and got one when school started back...Big mistake. I felt bad. I felt even worse when I broke down again in October and got a relaxer because homecoming was coming up and I didn't know what to do with my hair...Silly me.

So anyways, today is represents a special day. It is the day that I decided that I was going to go natural, one year ago...Now it also represents the day I would begin to go broke behind hair products! Ugh, I know you know the story. I know I am not the only one! I went to a beauty supply store, stocked up on Flexi Rods, pomades, conditioners, leave-ins...Basically everything that I had seen from that day...I was pitiful. I was looking like Kim Coles in her Youtube video, no joke (Click Here for the Video). I had so much stuff and I had no where to store them. I started using the products with no goal in mind so I just kept buying and buying with the hope of having super mega growth in a few months. The more products I heard about, the more money got spent, the more nights I had to resort to warming up leftovers...Lucky for me and for them, both of my sisters decided to go natural in December of 2010 so I was able to pass on some of those products. This is not the first time you heard this story!

This is what my stash looked like, no kidding!

Ok, so I have allayed myself of product junkism. I still have my moments but I have not splurged on products in several months now! YAY ME!
I just wanted to share a special day in my journey! What makes you smile when you look back on your journey?

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