Thursday, November 10, 2011

Give Those Leftovers a Makeover!

So my SO and I have made it our business to be conscious about how we spend money. Therefore, he we decided to cook more often rather than go out to eat so much. Before now, I have not been a person who likes to eat leftover. Well, in order for us to achieve this new set goal, I kinda had to learn to love day old-or two- food. So I have and I've enjoyed remixing meals in order to make food work for more than a day. Ok, so my projected hope is to post my food ideas for different leftover makeovers. I'll start with what we did tonight.

I discovered this delicious Hidden Valley Spicy Ranch dressing about two months ago. We used it to make a southwest chicken salad for a late night meeting. So two nights ago, we made some bread battered fried chicken with gravy, green peas, baked macaroni and cheese and Jiffy's cornbread :)

We ate everything except one piece of chicken. So tonight while trying to decide what to eat, my SO, who loves burritos/wraps anything with a tortilla, made a roast beef tortilla. I decided what the hay, I'll make one too. But I don't like roast beef so I went to the fridge and got the left over chicken. Warmed it up, some corn (Mrs Dash's Fiesta lime seasoning, sugar, salt and pepper), lettuce, shredded cheddar cheese, and the Spicy Ranch dressing...Voila, a brand new meal. I call it my Overstuffed Southwest Chicken Burrito! It was delicious and did the job in curing my hunger!

Pictured are a couple of ingredients we used:

This is just one of the many remixes we've done in the last month. What are some things you do with your leftovers???

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