Monday, November 14, 2011

Celebrating a Milestone...

Natural hair milestone...I have been "natural" for 13 months after transitioning for 10 out of the 13 months. Well, my hair has been growing it up and last week I was complaining about not being able to do anything to it. Well, I tried to pull it into a puff and I was successful! However, the bands hurt my head...I have to figure out a less painful way to keep the puff going all day but I guess that comes with trial and error. I also wanted to pull my hair into a puff because the front of my hair is more wavy than coily and it was getting too long to just put a band around it...So anyway, check out my little puff! I think I was extremely successful for a first timer!

-Ignore all the books in the background. They are everywhere!!!! My boyfriend is in law school and well, I am a nerd!

I used one of those Goody's stretchy bands but I cut it, made it into a string, and tied it in the back!

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