Saturday, December 24, 2011

From my Family to Yours

Merry Christmas!
As we all get all rowdy and crazy for Christmas, let's not forget the reason for the season. I myself am a culprit of stressing out of gifting, not so much getting but giving. I am one of those people who has to always give but I have stopped to give myself the reminder that Jesus' birth was God's gift to us. In all honesty, that is all any of us need. That blessing was enough to keep me from losing sight of what Christmas really means. My last two posts have said "Happy Holidays" but let me be the first to say, I am a believer, a firm believer that God gave us the greatest gift of all by blessing us with His son, Jesus. With that being said, I am no longer worried about what gifts I will be giving this season because this season is not about any human walking on Earth (unless Jesus has blessed us with His presence in the form of person), it is about that special blessing that God has given us, His only begotten son. And that is enough to me. So let's not fall into the habit of taking Christ out of Christmas. Without Him, this holiday season would have no sustenance. I am truly grateful for Jesus and I would like to take the time to say, Happy Birthday, Son of God...

From my extremely grateful family to yours,
Merry Christmas

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