Sunday, December 11, 2011

Product Review: Morrocan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo

Talk about a true moisturizing shampoo... While I was in DC in hot July visiting a close friend, his girlfriend, now fiance, let me use her hair products to wash my hair after a hot day. At that point, I had not rid my hair of straight ends so it was such a bad hair time, much frizz! So on the last day I had to get some moisture in my hair. When I got ready to take a shower, I asked my new fried whether or not she had some hair products since she was not quite moved in yet. My luck, she did, my luck, I found the most amazing shampoo ever...Ridiculously out of my budget but awesome to use. When I used it, I did not have to worry about it being tangled like other shampoos. When I used it, it had more slip than some conditioners I've used. So here are some greats and not so greats about it!

1. When I say slip, I do mean this shampoo has SLIP! When I wash shampooing, I could feel my hair being moisturized despite it having a sudzy lather. Even with the lather, it was still moisturizing and if most of you know, lathers are supposed to be the stripping agent that causing out hair to feel dry when shampooing.
2. It smells delicious.
3. It contains Morrocan and Argan Oils which are said to be great for hair. They were clearly great for mine!
4. I did not have to use a lot to clean my hair. Since I took possession of it, by gift not stealing, I have noticed that it has been extremely easy to find my scalp when washing. I don't know if others have the experience but I know that I can actually feel my scalp with my fingers, without having to comb a part. Mega plus!

The only cons I found were related to price and size. I was so excited about this new find and of course went online to find out where I could purchase plenty of bottles in order to make sure I didn't run out...Silly me to find that this product was a whopping $21.00 for 8.5oz of shampoo. As much as I loved this shampoo, it will be one that I use sparingly because I just don't have the balling salary for 21 dollar shampoo!

Overall, if you can afford to love this line, I would suggest it for anyone who is freshly natural or transitioning. Considering I am only 4 months post bc, I am still finding what works for this kinky,coily hair of mine! For now,it will be used with extreme caution!

14 days til Christmas!!! This year is almost over!!!!!

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