Thursday, March 29, 2012

What Would You Do?

With 500 Million dollars? The NC Jackpot is 500 Million dollars and everyone and their momma's are betting on that money. So with that being said, if you won that money, what would be the top five things you'd do with it?????


  1. in no particular order

    1)pay off student loans
    2)donate to charity & spelman college
    3)buy a house
    4)travel around the world with all my loved ones
    5)buy the miu miu bag i've been eyeing along with a whole lot of other things ;)

  2. Oh I am so onboard with all those plus some! Although I don't have much debt, I would pay off the debt that my loved ones have! And designate some to scholarship funds and definitely start a few of my own!!


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