Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hair Update: 16 Months Post Relaxer

So I am slightly obsessed with my hair. I am also a little length conscious because this is the longest I have ever been able to retain length and I am excited to say the least. So I am going to do a quick length check. Let me just say my hair is extremely curly. Kinky and curly but more curly than kinky. So here goes. I measured a piece of hair and it was 7 inches long!!! That is great because my hair just might be doing some serious growing! WHoooooooHooooo!

Sidenote-sorry for the poor quality. I took them on my webcam which is built in on my laptop. My camera is out of commission and my S.O won't let me get a new one just yet!


  1. ohhh nicee.. feeling inspired already... am going on a big chop later this year sooo.. excited about that YAY....

    Nice to see the healthy hair growth..

    1. Thanks! How long have you been transitioning?


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