Friday, February 17, 2012

It's Friday!!!

This past week has been great! Interesting and full of surprises. I won't complain. I will just share that God is just doing some amazing things in my life! He just keeps showing up and showing out and I am loving it! So this week I had a very bad day at one of my jobs. I mean, so much that I asked God to please bless me to be out of the within 6 months. It became an afterthought because well, I need the money right now so I am grateful to have a job, or two. Throughout the week, I really was contemplating getting another part time job but again, it became an afterthought.

Well, I wrote about my great news back in January where I said I was being trained as a manager for one favorite job! Well, yesterday I found out that there was an opening for a manager at another site and well, of course I am applying for it. I thought about letting my coworker go for it alone since she had already been passed up for the sub-manager training but then I started thinking and realized I wanted the opportunity as well. It was a good thing I didn't tell her I would be applying. She went behind my back and tried to say I was not qualified to be trained as a sub-manager because I had only been there a month. But whatever! So after talking with the S.O as well as the manager who hired me, they both encouraged me to express my interest in the position. My manager felt confident that I could do the job so if she thought so, I guess I am!

I am feeling so great right now. I asked God for His guidance and I prayed a prayer that simply said, "If it is in Your will, let it be done." Simple as that. I am putting in the work and praying that this lines up with His will and I know that whatever the outcome, it will be for the best. I will say though, the best part about it is the pay raise oh and the manager title. I am 23 and about to be a manager...23! That will do wonders for my career from here on out. There are about 2 other managers leaving as well so if this position isn't for me, I have 2 other chances to make it happen!

This has been the highlight of my week. God is doing some things in my life that I never thought imaginable. The funny thing is, as soon as all of this happened, I remembered the job before this and realized, there never would have been an opportunity to move ahead. God does everything for a reason and I am really getting on board with His will!

So, happy Friday to all and tell me about your week! What were some highs and lows of your week?

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