Saturday, February 18, 2012

I Show Up to Work Everyday. Now Hire Me!

What does your resume say about you?

In an attempt to update my resume, I was trying to figure out how to word my duties for the job I've been at since December. I am usually good at this but I've been out of the game for a little while and I fell off of my resume skills. So while we were out at Panera, having a "working date" I decided to ask my S.O if a phrase sounded ok. It went something like this "I assisted the manager with ----" I was excited about my phrase and about my duties since I am "assisting the manager" but he quickly shot that down when he said "Oh so you are somebody's B*&$#?" Excuse me? -neck roll and all- I know you didn't just call me what I think you did! My blood pressure started rising. I was getting angry until he said "All I am saying is, you are telling a potential employer that you do someone else's work for work." -Oh that's what I thought-(neck roll again)

So that got me thinking, when you are doing your resume, do your list of duties reflect what you do or what you do for someone else? Do your duties go above and beyond what your job title is?

That is what he meant when he asked me that question. So I revamped it to say what I do, not in reference to the manager but what I do. I knew this already but Blount Bobby had to be rude and remind me again that I don't just go to work everyday and do my job, I go above and beyond my duties and that is what needs to stand out on my resume, not what I do for others. Of course as employees we help the managers, I mean, that is basically a non-manager job, helping the manager meet a certain goal. But I will leave you with this, if the manager was not there, how would you function? Would everything fall apart or would you be the one to hold it all together? If your answer is yes, you'd be someone next in line for a promotion...I'm just saying!

So don't go to work everyday to just do your job. I know it is hard out there but I can assure you that if you are going above and beyond, it won't go unnoticed for too long. And always pray about it. Now if you have stubborn employers who make your life hard, that is a different story. But if you work in an environment where you can show the best you and be rewarded, go for it! It won't hurt especially if you happen to be looking for other jobs. Everyone takes notice at what you do, even if you don't see them looking. If you have a job that you don't plan to leave, this is not for you. But if you are young, or just starting out, putting your best foot forward at all times will get you further than you think AND faster than you think. Trust me, I know!

Sidenote-I did my hair last night. It turned out pretty cute. I ended up having to do an updo because I knew it would sweat out but it was nice and elegant after all. I resorted to YouTube and found a lady named "Lizbeth" who walked me through styling my hair! Whew, I dodged that one!
I will post pictures on Monday. Ours weren't ready before we left! -Sad face-
Have a great Saturday!

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  1. In fact its good to actually go out of your way to do things sometimes its a nice learning curve....

    I always use my initiative I don't wait on people to tell me what to do most times. If I dont do anything just know I chose not too (maybe i feel am taken for granted so I back off abit).

    Nice post...

    Thanks for the lovely comment made on my blog.


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