Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What's In My Pocket?

There's a Wocket in my pocket...Dr. Seuss was such a talented rhymer! But that has nothing to do with anything I am about to talk about.

Before the night ends, I promised that I would post about some major hauls I have had since the year started. So here goes my Jan-Feb haul!

The shoes...
I have gotten 8 pairs of shoes, each pair under 15 dollars.
I will start with the black peep toe (on the right of the cream shoe) and go clock-wise!
Black peep toe-Rack Room Buy one get one half off-I paid 4.50 for those shoes
Gray peep toe- 11.99 from Ross
Cream pump-9.99 from Rack Room
Sandals-1.99 from Rugged Warehouse
Grey pumps-7.00 from Rugged Warehouse
Black Sandals-1.99 from Rugged Warehouse
Black strappy peep toe-boyfriend got them from Rack Room by one get one half off-paid 6.00 for them!!

The tops...
The Gold one is from New York and Company-I blogged about that one in my Bad Hair Day Blog. Got it for 11.99 on clearance.
This shirt, got from Ross for 7.99

The dresses...
This print dress came from Rugged Warehouse-paid 5.00 for it
This pink dress came from Ross-paid 5.99
This simple black floor length dress with a ribbon that ties around the back hails from Ross-7.99
And my most favorite purchase yet. I am exciting because I enjoy wearing blazers and finding them for good prices. I got this black blazer with a pinstripe inside from Marshalls. Paid 24.99! That is the most expensive item in my haul but WELL WORTH IT!
The blazer...

Now I didn't do all the math however I can be sure that I got 8 pairs of shoes, 2 tops, dresses, a blazer for under 100 dollars! I am proud of myself that I've evolved into a conscious shopper that knows how to catch a deal! So while you are out and about doing your shopping, look for those sales-It is possible to look cute on a budget!

Until next time...
Edited to add...

I clearly forgot about my cute hats that I got for 5.99 and 7.99. A brown floppy hat, a white/blue floppy hat, and a cute fedora-that pushes me over my 100 dollars however, it completes my Jan-Feb. haul! That is all!


  1. Whoever pinned the phrase "you can never have too many shoes" was right! That is a blessing to have found such great deal on such cute shoes!

    And the hats are nice too. I am partial to hats because I have one daughter with Alopecia and she likes to wear a lot of hats.

    And clothes on sale is always another good blessing! :-)

  2. That is true!

    Thanks I love all my stuff. I don't wear hats often but I am falling in love with them. How old is your daughter?

    Sales are always great for me especially since I am on a really budget!

  3. Great pieces. I love the hats :)


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