Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bad Hair Day: I'm Pissed

I have a confession. Friday night... I was tempted to rip my hair out after an hour trying to create a quick style=FAIL...I was so very upset, almost to tears because I was so frustrated. So let me explain. I am a washn go girl hands down. But last night, I found out I had two hours to get ready for a meet and greet with my sweetie's Black Law Student Association. So I thought, hmm I will try something new! That went down hill quick. I tried to go to my tried and true style that I used to do ono my relaxed hair. Didn't work on my curly hair. So I tried to do a twist up in the back and a poof at the top, again, didn't work. I tried twisting in the front and a little puff in the back, failed again.

At this point I am in tears and my sweetie is trying to console me. I had given up on the attempt and decided I didn't want to go anymore. He encouraged me to try one more time. So I gave in and pinned it up in the back and did two flat twists in the front. I hated it but my outfit was cute (after I changed it because I no longer wanted to wear a cute pencil skirt). I wear skinny jeans and a cute gold top I bought for 11 dollars from NY and Company with some printed tights and some black pumps. I don't have a picture of any of it. That is how mad I was.

When we got there, I was still feeling angry about my hair because there were other naturals there and they had cute hair styles. I soon got over that after a third year came and started smooth talking me. I commented on his cologne and he just went in. Asking me what it would take for him to out to dinner. As he went on and on, he ended up saying: So how would you feel about dating a black, educated man with a good credit score? As he slipped his hand around my waist I slowly pulled back and said, "It feels great to have one and he is right over there!" His poor heart was broken. My sweetie came over in a tizzy, dazed and confused. So after we explained what had happened, the guy who attempted to be my new suitor proceeded to tell him how lucky he was to have such an intelligent and beautiful woman by his side. After about thirty minutes of fawning over me and my boyfriend's treasure, he pleaded for us to find him Ms. Right. LOL, as hilarious as the situation was, I was really flattered. My sweetie was grinning ear to ear (he was flattered too).

But it was a good night after all. I finally came to like my hair style and yesterday I went out and bought some dag-on hair accessories. I'm slowly coming to terms that my hair will do what it wants. I just need to accept that and we will get along.

On another note, I went on my first haul ever. and it was great. I will be posting a picture and blog with all of my goodies which include 3 hair accessories under 10 dollars, 4 pairs of shoes for under 30 dollars, and 3 tops for under 15 and a Buxton Kelly Bag for 20. My good word! I'm ready to show off these goodies!!! Until then, have a great Monday!!!!

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  1. it is funny. the day we think we are not looking our best that is when we get the most compliments. at least for me. glad that you were able to enjoy the night even after your hair disaster!

    i can't wait to see your goody haul!


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