Saturday, January 07, 2012

What's My Hair Up to Now?

Silly Me...I went straight for the holidays...I don't know what possessed me to do it but I did. Before I get too down on myself, my hair came out better than I thought but with that also came the revelation that I do need to keep my ends trimmed.

I went into Sally's Beauty Supply looking for my beloved Profectiv Mega Growth Oil. It is true that my ends were jacked up and my hair had a blown out look but it looked dull. They didn't have the oil. The associate was all in my roots, literally. Took my hair out of its bun, rubbed her fingers through my hair to feel my scalp. And said the dreaded, "now you need a trim really bad." Screeeeeeeeech!
Can I just say that I was not only heartbroken, I was slightly embarrassed. I really didn't think my ends were THAT bad. So she proceeded to tell me that I needed to get my mom to trim my ends...HUH? Then she said that my mom needed to put a really good heat protectant on my hair when she straightened it...So I had to stop her. I said "Pause, how old do I look?" She told me excitedly, "15!" Mouth on the floor. So after I told her that I was 22, I got a whole new person. She started to walk me through several things regarding my hair, that is because I was asking so many questions.
"So how often would your suggest I trim my ends"
"Oh one more question, what would you suggest as a good heat protectant?"
" OH ONE MORE THING, for real this time, how do I wrap my hair when it is straight?"
"Oh a Denman brush? You have one here that's similar?"
"Ok one more question for real, how do I trim my ends?"
This associate was extremely receptive to my game of 21 questions, but I needed answers. I mean, I am very new to this natural thing, only 5 months post my BC which means I have not had the chance to learn how to take care of my hair with all these darn season changes.

So lesson learned. Take care of these ends or trim them. I did however notice I have about an inch and a half of growth since my last straightening session. That is a success!
I have A picture of my hair with the newest addition to my family, Miss Savannah, who is the most precious little diva I have seen in my life. She also has some silky smooth hair, gorgeous!

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  1. ha, 15 years old? i guess, we can call that compliment ;)

    and i hear you about learning our hair ... it really is a learning process but an enjoyable one at that!

    have a great weekend!


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