Saturday, January 21, 2012

Make 2012 Your Year

I have been wanting to pursue a career in a specific field for a few years now. I have continually put it on pause because people have told me often that the market is not good right now so it would be a waste of time and money to try to pursue this dream...If you haven't guessed it by now, it is real estate. Yea the market isn't going so well right now but you can bet on one thing, people will always buy houses...period. I should have worked on it in the fall but I was not in the mental space to think this far ahead. Now that I can think straight, I can put some things together and these are things I have to realize about pursuing my dream:
1. You can't consult just anybody about your dream. Everyone is not out for your best interest and they always think they can advise you better than God.
2. If God gives you a vision, you can best believe it is not a mirage. God is not a god of confusion. He makes it extremely clear what He wants for you. No need to consult others regarding the validity of that decision (unless it is spiritual consultation and even then, be on alert.)
3. The bad market is the best place to start because you have time to make mistakes, learn, and grow so when the market turns around, you can go in informed and knowledgeable about the area around you...DUH
4. Everyone has an opinion. Opinions are just that, not fact. Opinions can wear you down and slow you down. Therefore, if you are really and truly adamant about pursuing dreams, do your research and arm yourself with facts so those opinions don't have any value in your decisions.
5. Last but not least, Just do it. Fear will keep you from living. I know, I have been there. Don't let the fear of failure keep you from pursuing your dreams. There will certainly be ups and downs but that is all a part of the process and the journey. No one started out with on their first day. It is a necessary part of the journey to fall so that you can rise from where you are, bigger and better.

So if you have a dream you were hoping to pursue, do it this year. Make a timeline of what you are hoping to achieve and just do it. I can bet your bottom dollar that once you start, it will be the most rewarding thing you have done for yourself yet! So shoot for the stars in everything you do this year!

Sidenote: If you are a prayer warrior, I ask that you pray that a space is saved for me so that I get into the class to start toward my real estate license. The class starts next Thursday!!!
Thanks in advance!


  1. First time on your blog, this post was very inspiring, am going through a change myself, back in school but reading this post was so true. Fear brings limitation, one has to take charge of your life. Lovely blog too!

  2. Thanks Destiny. I am a blog lover so I am going to be stalking your blog and so far I like-y!!!

    But yea, I learned the hard way about fear and how it can keep me from pursuing dreams. I am finally living out a dream that I have had for years and it feels great. I wake up every morning with a pep in my step.


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