Wednesday, January 25, 2012

On my Way

Today...Give me a second, I'm emotional! Today, I registered for real estate courses. I paid the money and I start classes tomorrow. I know this may seem simple, but to me, this is a dream becoming a reality. I have always wanted to work in real estate, as I said in an earlier post. But taking that step today was the first God-led decision I have made in my life...And there is so much peace in my mind and spirit about it. It is also the first time I have made a step toward making a dream a reality. Wow, it seems surreal. I am feeling really proud of myself for overcoming such a difficult year to find joy, peace, and perseverance on the other side. Until now it was just something I talked about doing. Now, I am actually progressing toward a goal...How about that?! This has been an amazing week. First a promotion and now I am getting ready to start making waves...See me on House Hunters in about 2 years!!!

It is day 25 of 2012. Are you making this year count?

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