Sunday, January 08, 2012

Gratitude. It's the New Thing to Do

So tonight I taught my little sister a valuable lesson on gratitude. I am big on thanking people for doing me favors, REALLY BIG! I always like to show people my appreciation so tonight I passed it on to my sister. She is a fresh-woman in college and we were taking all of her ish up 3 flights of stairs. This nice dorm-mate of hers saw us struggling and offered a hand. I was so appreciative.

My spoiled little sister, being the person she is, didn't see why I was so excited about someone helping us. I was excited well, because people honestly aren't so nice anymore. So when people do go out of their way to do a favor, I try to show that I truly appreciate it. So when we got upstairs, I took an index card, while my sister was catching her breath, and wrote a cute little message for the girl that said, "Thanks so much for helping us. We really appreciate it. Have a great semester." Three simple sentences. I attached it a box of Sprees and went on a hunt to find her. When we did, she was so surprised and excited that we went out of our way to show our gratitude. My sister made a new pal and I was excited to be able to use this as a teaching moment. Little things really count!

So as we go on throughout our days, make sure to recognize those who you are grateful to. Little or big things, the acknowledgement goes a long way! Notice how far it will take you and how great it will make you feel.

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