Sunday, February 19, 2012

Let It Snow!!!

I love Boys to Men! Because of them, they got me expecting snow during the winter every single year. Since we in NC have been having this crazy warm weather for the winter, I was almost sure that I would not get a chance to see the snow fall this year! Well, just like all things, God had another plan! This morning when I woke up I had a weather alert on my phone. After a crazy tornado rampage in August, I get really anxious when I see my Weather Channel icon blinking on my phone. This morning I checked it and it said that there was a Winter Weather alert. Happy me started dancing and singing around the apartment in excitement because, I love the snow!

I didn't know when it would start but me and my girls went out to lunch and looked around at a local retail store before we gave up on being out in the ridiculous rain. I came back home with one friend and we sat around talking about the old days! We talked for about two or three hours when I looked outside and it was snowing. HARD! I was excited. She wasn't...She had to drive back in that snow. Lucky for her, she has a cute little Jeep that will get her home safely!

I am so excited to see the snow and I hope we are blessed to get one or two more before the winter season is over! I hate the cold but I love when it snows, it makes all of the badness of the cold weather disappear! So I will sit back and watch the snow fall tonight! Thank God this is such a beautiful sight! (We have mega delays tomorrow, I like that too!)

So this is a great end to the weekend!! I hope the weekend went great for all of you!
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


  1. I love snow too and find it beautiful either playing in or just looking at it fall and cover everything. But I can understand that it can be an inconvenience too. :)

  2. I feel you! It can be an inconvenience too for people who work non-salary jobs. I was actually off today but I do think that one good snow day a year gives people a chance to rejuvenate and remember that God is always in control!

  3. I too love snow. Nice post. I can relate. ;)


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